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What you need to know

Ants have become a primary source of pest problems in the home and businesses and can be difficult to control at times. Experience and knowledge are the best tools to deal with an ant problem.

Basic Biology

Inside The Colony

Ants are a social insect and live in colonies. There are three main types of adult ants in a colony.


Which are the fertile females who lay eggs inside the colony


Females that are not fertile but bring food and supplies for larvae and colony


Males are winged and fertilize the queen(s) during swarming period

Identifying The Problem & Control

Ants may be difficult to control, so here are some things you should know about their behavior
and why they can be a big problem.

It is important to identify the species of ant to set up the best treatment for them. Not all ant species are treated the same way.

Even the tiniest cracks are not a problem for ants, as they can easily enter through them to find food and water.

Nest locations

Ants can setup in many places. Walls, lawn and even the home foundation to name a few.

Scent trails

Once a food source is found, ants leave behind an invisible chemical trail that other ants can follow.


Can have a population of 300,000 to 500,000 ants, and relocate quickly when in danger.


Colonies can live for a relatively long time. Worker ants can live up to 7 years and queens can live up to 15 years, posing a long term problem if not treated correctly.

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