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What you need to know

Rodents are a difficult pest to control as they are neophobic, which means they are aware of any new item being introduced into their surroundings. That’s why a skilled professional uses different tactics to trick rodents into being caught by using different lures and traps. Rodents usually nest in attics, under porches, in-between walls or any hard-to-reach places.

Basic Biology

At first it may seem that a rat or mouse might not be such a big issue, but in a short time these pests become a big problem.

Life Cycle

Rodents reproduce very quickly and most species reproduce year-round.

Mice & Rats : Whats the difference

  • Size – Rats can grow to be 9-11in in length
  • Instinct – Rats are very aware of their environment and will notice traps and baits that begin to be placed. They will also hide and nest in hard to reach places
  • Disease – Rats are notorious for carrying diseases and transmitting them. They can introduce diseased ticks and fleas into the home.
  • Size – Mice grow 3-4in in length
  • Access – Due to there size, mice can easily enter your home seeking food,water and warmth.
  • Contamination – Mice contaminate more food than they actually consume which can be very dangerous for your home.

Identifying The Problem & Control


Rats and Mice reproduce very quickly and can become a large problem for your property in a short period of time.


Rodents are notorious for carrying and spreading disease. They can also contaminate a home with germs and disease by food they come into contact, droppings and urine traces they leave behind. These issues can result in serious health problems.

Entry Points

Small cracks or holes located anywhere around the house may serve as an easy entry point for rodents as they can easily climb obstacles and chew through many materials in search for food and shelter.


If there is a rodent infestation, it is best you contact a pest control professional as an infestation is very difficult to control. Home remedies and techniques will not work to subdue the rodent population.

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