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Spiders & Silverfish

Spiders & Silverfish

What you need to know

Spiders and silverfish are very different and require completely different methods of control. Spiders actually hunt silverfish as a source of food, the habits and behaviors of spiders and silverfish are very different.

Basic Biology

Identifying The Problem & Control



Spiders can enter your home in many ways including through poorly screened doors or windows, boxes or other objects they may have hid away in.


Spiders are known for the toxins they produce to hunt and eat their prey. There is only two species in the United States that are dangerous to humans. Spider toxins have different effects on people and can be painful.


Spiders will usually enter your home in the search for prey. They may spin a web or construct other traps to trap prey. There are clear indicators that there might be spider activity inside your property.



Silverfish are known for their destructive behavior inside your property. They eat carbohydrates and/or starches, which makes them attracted to damp paper or clothes.


Silverfish can survive in most places but prefer to live in dark damp environments, which is why it is important to keep your home from being too humid.

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